One Business One Number 

One Mobile Number Becomes part of Your Corporate identity for All internal & External Communication UAN Solution

Never Miss a Call

Professionally recorded Voice menu guides the Caller To desired Extension, Department,Operator  and /Or Voice Mail Box.

Help Line Features

1 Auto Attendant Never miss a customer’s call again with UAN Solution. With Luqman Rasul Telecom (Pvt) Ltd. Business Services Line every call is received on your business number and the customer listens to a pleasant, professionally recorded voice greeting and IVR menu.
2 Business Line Operator Business Line Operator lets you assign an extension to a telephone operator in the voice menu through which calls can be forwarded relevant employee in the company.
3 Business Line Number Your Luqman Rasul Telecom (Pvt) Ltd. Business Business Services Line number becomes a part of your corporate identity. With Business Line number all your business representatives will be able to call customers using the same number that too from their own mobile phones.
4 Single Corporate Identity We understand how difficult it is to communicate, manage and maintain several official numbers assigned to your business representatives. Not to mention the difficulty your customers face while noting down and saving different numbers. With Business Line your customers can call your representatives on your one number with UAN Solution .
5 Business Line Extensions With UAN Solution you don’t need to spend a fortune to setup expensive equipment and desk phone extensions. Business Line solution is hosted in the cloud and you can assign an extension to all your Luqman Rasul Telecom (Pvt) Ltd.  Business numbers. Users can call each on their Business Line Extensions.
6 Department Menu Luqman Rasul Telecom (Pvt) Ltd. Business Business Line gives you the flexibility to create departments as voice menu options for example press 1 for sales, press 2 for customer services…
7 Personal Call Forwarding What happens when a customer calls one of your employees, who is on leave? A prospective business opportunity is lost. With Business Line your employees can set call forwarding to other colleagues while they are away or unable to receive calls on their Business Line extensions.
8 Call Logs Want to keep track of customer calls? Luqman Rasul Telecom (Pvt) Ltd. Business Business Services Line allows you to keep tabs on all the details thanks to the All Calls reports available on the Business Line Web Portal .
9 Business Line Voicemail The Business Line voicemail options available in the voice menu lets your customer record voice messages that you can retrieve on your web portal later.
10 Working Hours Set separate menus and options for working and non-working hours on your Business Line number.
11 Holiday Planner Holiday Planner lets you define special greetings for holidays in advance.
12 Promo Player Promo player lets you record your promotional or informational messages which the customers can listen to by pressing the required key in the voice menu.
13 Complaint and Suggestions box Want to monitor the feedback of your customers? Complaints and suggestions box is presented as an option in the voice menu. Customers can record their comments and suggestions by selecting this option.
14 Transfer to Extension Sometimes a single customer call may require the attention of more than one of your business representative. Customers can also dial into a wrong department or agent. Never ask your customers to call back again. Luqman Rasul Telecom (Pvt) Ltd. Business Business Services Line lets your employees to transfer the customer’s call to each other using extensions.
15 Special Caller Worried about handling high priority calls or want that special customer of yours to talk directly to someone in your company? Luqman Rasul Telecom (Pvt) Ltd. Business Business Services Line lets you define special caller numbers and whom the call should be routed to directly bypassing the voice menu.
16 Blacklist Caller Want to filter out unwanted calls on your Business Line number? Simply add the caller number in the block list using the Business Line web portal.
17 Agent voicemail What happens when a customer calls his/her assigned business representative in your company and the representative is unavailable? Personal voicemail lets the customers to leave a message in the employee voicemail box on their Business Line Extension.
18 Music/Message on Hold While your customers are put on hold during a call, you can set a music or info file which your customers can listen to.
19 Goodbye SMS Goodbye SMS is a power tool to enhance your professional business outlook. Every customer is sent a Good Bye or Thank you SMS after they hang up the call. You can customize this message yourself in a language which best suits your business and customers.
20 Business Line Web Portal Business Line Web Portal is intuitive and easy to use. The web portal gives the company administrator complete control over the Business Line solution. For example they can assign extensions to employees, view detailed call and usage reports, customize voice menus and settings, retrieve voice mail, customize the Goodbye SMS and control many more features.

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