Advantages of E-mail Marketing:

E-Mail marketing In Pakistan is one of the most powerful marketing tools available to businesses of all types and sizes.

  •     Email marketing is very less expensive to other marketing way.
  •     Fast advertising way, email arrives in a few seconds.
  •     Email advertiser can track positive or negative responses.
  •     You can deliver your products directly to your customers without having to use a courier.
  •     Email marketing generates an immediate response.
  •     Emails unsubscribe option help to shortlist genuinely interested.

Email Addresses Available for following categories:

    General Business

    Business Emails

    Business Yellow pages

    Executives & Companies

    Karachi Visiting Directory


    Banks in Pakistan


    Chambers of Commerce




    Sports Goods


    IT Companies


    Online Companies

    Shipping Agents in Pakistan

    Petroleum & Oil Companies

    Travels Agents in Pakistan

    Yellow Pages

    Medical & Health

    Doctors in Pakistan

    Trade Directory of Pakistan

    Agricultural & Food

    Vendor Directory

    Medical Schools in Pakistan

    Apparal & Fashion

    Exhibition Textile

    Yahoo Pakistani Groups

    Hotmail Pakistani Email Addresses


    Web Developers

    NGO’s in Pakistan

    Pakistani Engineers

    Textile & Commerce

    Financial Institutions & Banks


Package PriceNumber of E-MailOrder Email
Rs 15,000 +Tax 200,000 Buy Now
Rs 25,000 + Tax500,000 Buy Now
Rs 35,000 + Tax10,00,000 Buy Now
Rs 60,000 + Tax20,00,000 Buy Now