Short Code Service


Short Code Peoples see your advertising ( flyers, posters, billboards etc ) many times a day but they just filter every thing out they forgot and ignore your flyers & posters because they are too busy around the run but here is a little secret which most businesses don’t know?

People have ADD (Attention Deficit Disorders). we have a solution which is Short Codes Messaging or Keyword advertising.

for example text ‘shop” to ‘1234″. Short code can get more customers to your business guaranteed.


Short code is a 4 to 5 digits code(e.g 1234) which is used as a reply number for customers.

where u can receive short code SMS from the customers and to receive feedback from the customers. Suppose we send SMS to our customers with brand name” LRT” our customers can read our message but can’t reply us because ┬░ LRT” is just our masking ID its not reply able or dial able so for reply from our customers we will give them a short codes in our message. Like World wide famous reality show AMERICAN IDOL provide keyword ‘vote to send it on short code ‘5706″ for viewers to choose their best performer.

There are thousand of application with short codes which u can use according to your desire, like short can use for contests, otp messages, polls, surveys, votes, for opinions or comments, vote for contest, text to win etc.

The massive application of short codes is to collect your customers mobile numbers with their permission for send them future SMS campaigns because customers added their number with their own desire so its not illegal and customers also use option-out command to stop SMS from you.

For example, FM 103 radio station allows the listener to send their song request or any opinion on any specific topic on 6278.Like geo and other tv channels allows viewers to send comments on a specific issue or in a live program on their allotted short code which appears in a scroll across the screen.