Term & Condition 

Unethical Messaging Is Forbidden by LUQMAN RASUL TELECOM (PRIVATE) LIMITED. Or Any Other Portal Provided by LUQMAN RASUL TELECOM (PRIVATE) LIMITED. Unethical Messaging Includes (But Is Not Restricted To) Communications Which Are:

Infringe Individual Privacy.

Unsolicited Messages are prohibited.

Pornographic, Or Which Include Sexually Explicit Content, Include Offensive Text or Images.

Incite Hatred, Whether Based on Race, Religion, Gender, and Sexuality, anti-state or Otherwise, Demonstrate Gratuitous Violence or Promote, Encourage or Facilitate Violence.

Promote, Encourage or Facilitate Terrorism or Other Activities Contrary to Any Nation’s Security. Discriminate Against Any Specific Social Group or Otherwise Exploit Vulnerable Sections of Society. Promote, Facilitate or Encourage Illegal Activity, Misleading, Defamatory, Or That Contain Illegal, Or Otherwise Actionable Content.

International (Grey Route) SMS Traffic Not Allow & Heavy Penalty Will be Imposed If Violates.

All Account Actions Are Logged & Deemed to Be the Responsibility of The Account Holder. It Is Your Responsibility to Ensure That Your Login Details Remain Secure & That Your Account Is Not Used by Any Other Person.



LUQMAN RASUL TELECOM (PRIVATE) LIMITED. Reserves the Right to Amend the Prices & Rates Quoted on Its Website & customers Without Any Prior Notice If SMS has been increased from operators end than new rates are implement on the same time without any notice as per policy standard.


Delivery of Messages Is Largely Dependent on The Effective Functioning of Network Operators, Cellular Networks, Network Coverage & The SMS Recipient’s Mobile Handset. However, LUQMAN RASUL TELECOM (PRIVATE) LIMITED. Shall Make All Reasonable Endeavours to Ensure Uninterrupted & Continued Use of The Service.


Any amount paid for any service is non-refundable.


Maximum possible validity is 3-6 month for less than 50K messages & 12 month for more than 100K messages


LUQMAN RASUL TELECOM (PRIVATE) LIMITED. Reserves the right to impose high penalty amount on the violation of the service agreements.

LUQMAN RASUL TELECOM (PRIVATE) LIMITED. Reserves the right to revise or change the term of policy

As per board of directorÔÇÖs requirements


LUQMAN RASUL TELECOM (PRIVATE) LIMITED. Reserves the Right of TERMINATION of Services on Violation of The Terms and Conditions. Terms and Conditions are subject to change without notice.